TRUCONNECT telematics

Konecranes TRUCONNECT is a telematics solution that collects data for real-time diagnostics and technical support. Standard on all new lift trucks since 2022, it allows you to monitor operations, with on-demand reporting to help you manage costs and uptime. Upgrades add more features for special applications. 

It allows you to find out anything you need to know about the performance of your lift trucks, such as fuel consumption, tire pressure, machine shocks, traveling speed, hours spent idling, battery performance, and even what routes they travel around your facility. TRUCONNECT can give you the information you require to build a safer and more efficient operation for your world.

From the moment you activate your new Konecranes lift truck, you will be able to view TRUCONNECT collected data (starting already at the factory). By default, your lift truck is set up for the Basic data package, with free access to Essentials solutions. Additional premium solutions and specialized digital services are paid options to help you refine the data for your information needs.

Activate your Konecranes lift truck by filling in this form, or via customer portal and start to get the full advantage from your connected asset(s).

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The Basic package offers:

  • operations and usage data
  • condition monitoring and alert notifications
  • fleet productivity and optimization
  • data-on-demand reporting
  • Work Zone location-based services

The Essentials free subscription gives you access to the asset maintenance planner, fuel consumption predictor, daily inspection reports, and container weighing data, with the option to export PDF reports for a valuable information summary. 

The Expert Bundle paid subscription in the Basic package adds condition monitoring, location services, interoperability APIs, performance KPIs, troubleshooting, more detailed weighing data, and TIC 4.0 connectivity.

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The paid Premium package offers:

  • all the Basic features plus
  • tire pressure monitoring
  • shock monitoring

Expert Bundle in the Premium package examines load handling shocks, driving shocks, what were the most severe shocks and where the shocks occurred on a map. It also includes careful monitoring of tire pressure for stability and safety. 

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The paid Premium+ package gives you:

  • all the Basic features
  • all the Premium features plus
  • oil contamination monitoring
  • remaining useful lifetime of hydraulic oil

Expert Bundle in Premium+ reports the particle and water content of your hydraulic oil, and how long it’s likely to last based on current usage data.

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