Location-based services

With tight timetables demanding high productivity, it’s easy for lift truck drivers to forget to lower their speed, misjudge the height of obstacles, or mistakenly enter a congested area.

Using GPS, Konecranes Work Zone geofencing allows you to improve your operational safety by remotely controlling your lift trucks. Reduce the maximum speed in certain site locations. 

Prevent a reach stacker from raising its boom too far by sending alerts in places with height limitations, such as underneath an STS crane or inside a storage building. 

Define the work area to keep the truck away from people and sensitive equipment.


You can also set maintenance zones to monitor how much time your trucks are spending in maintenance. This helps you to streamline your operations and optimize lift truck deployment.

Security by design_certificate

Security by design

Secure software development practices ensure security risks are considered in each phase of the software development lifecycle. 

This helps developers to build highly secure applications and ensure that security risks and possible vulnerabilities are captured in the development, and not in the production.