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Intermodal freight travels in standardized containers that move between different modes of transport, such as road, rail and water, without any unpacking. Konecranes Lift Trucks offers a wide range of specialized reach stackers for intermodal and barge container handling. 

Their remarkable flexibility and performance have made them popular with leading intermodal operators around the world. 

Lifting with exceptional power and stability, our intermodal reach stackers can handle containers
up to the third row across rail tracks, road lanes or the hull of a barge. They are heavy-duty machines with a long wheelbase, large lifting capacities and excellent maneuverability.
Surprisingly smooth and easy to operate, your drivers and your business will enjoy outstanding productivity.

Konecranes reach stackers for intermodal provide excellent ground-level support for the Konecranes Rail Mounted Gantry (RMG) or Rubber-Tired Gantry (RTG) cranes at your intermodal terminal.

Customized reach stackers for your world


Konecranes intermodal reach stackers are highly flexible lifting tools. You can choose from an extensive list of features, such as an eco-efficient engine, specialized spreaders, and an adjustable cabin, to tailor your truck and enhance its performance in your world. Additional features include remote control to allow operation outside
of the cabin and the ability to increase capacity when managing container stacks in the storage yard. Electronic weight scales prevent overload.

Barge handling

Barge handling is a special kind of intermodal because containers on floating barges can be below ground level. This requires an unusual downward angle for the boom, resulting in a negative lifting height. Support jacks are available for extra stability in case of a fourth row. Improve your drivers’ visibility with front twist lock cameras, help them lift straight with synchronized vertical lifting and use mechanical reverse speed limits for extra safety.

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Service completes the package

We analyze the potential problems that can arise in your container handling processes, and then design a long-term service program that you can depend on. The goal is to keep your Konecranes intermodal and barge handling lift trucks working at peak efficiency all the time. We offer a complete service package including technical support, maintenance, safety and training, and genuine Konecranes spare parts. Konecranes has the skill and global reach to ensure that these services are available to you at all times. Contact us to obtain the right container handling solution for your needs!