Konecranes Flow Drive

Improve your productivity with Flow Drive

Konecranes Flow Drive reduces your fuel consumption by up to 25% with increased active operating time and always full performance. 

The Konecranes Lift Trucks Flow Drive concept offers smooth and dynamic operations, combining a driver-friendly ride with a significant reduction in fuel consumption and emissions together with a heavy duty engine that secures full performance.

Specialized driver training will help you and your team get the most out of your everyday operations.

Flow Drive not only cuts down fuel consumption, but also enhances the driver experience and increases active operation time. It's a solution that brings concrete benefits to everyday operations and an increase in overall productivity.

This option is available for Konecranes reach stackers only.

Equipped with the innovative hydromechanical variable transmission that sits in a new, unique engine compartment for a smoother and more dynamic driveline. 


Let's hear it from the customers

Making an impact in Western Germany_image

Making an impact in Western Germany

“These Konecranes machines have improved our workplace safety while significantly reducing our downtime and operational costs,” says Björn Riesner, Terminal Manager. “Konecranes really listened to us and provided exactly the harbor equipment we need. We plan to replace our older lift trucks with new Konecranes models.”



Five more Flow Drive reach stackers in Australia_image

Five more Flow Drive reach stackers in Australia

Concern for the environment was the main reason, after they purchased their first Konecranes reach stacker, that ILS decided to place an order for five more Konecranes SMV 4531 TC5 reach stackers with Flow Drive. The Flow Drive Ecolifting feature cuts fuel consumption and carbon emissions by up to 25%. Using their new Konecranes reach stacker fleet for intermodal handling, ILS can positively affect environmental conditions.

Konecranes boosts Ecolifting presence in Thailand_image

Konecranes boosts Ecolifting presence in Thailand

“We are very keen to find new ways to reduce our carbon emissions, and we’re doing our part by choosing eco-efficient materials and products,” says Kanjanee Accaraeakchitt, Operations Director of the Mon Logistics Services Co. Ltd., which manages container deposits for Mon Logistics. “Of course, we want to maintain our quality and performance levels at the same time. In 2016, we were honored to receive the Eco-Driving Award as part of the government’s fuel emission reduction program, and we want to develop that trend further. This is exactly what Konecranes delivers with their Flow Drive reach stacker.”