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A mine is a dusty and dangerous work environment. 

Built for safety and stability, Konecranes lift trucks are particularly suited for materials handling in the extreme conditions of both surface and underground mines. Our forklifts and reach stackers can carry tires, heavy machinery, and general-purpose cargo – anything required for mining operations.

On-site mobile cranes often handle the goods arriving at a mine because it is convenient. However, a lift truck can handle containers with far more safety, speed and ease than a mobile crane, and allows the crane more availability for mining activities. With the right attachment, the truck can lift almost anything, then go quickly to any location on site. Its maneuverability also allows movement within confined spaces, including storage areas, excavations, and even underground.

Forklifts can easily handle the giant tires of mining dump trucks with special clamps. Reach stackers can lift flat racks using spreaders with folding legs for overheight cargo. Load stabilizers keep the truck steady. A wide variety of coil rams, magnets, grabs, hooks, forks and masts are just some of the attachments available for mining applications.

Every Konecranes lift truck has reliability and durability built in. With optional extras such as corrosion protection, overhead guards and our mining kit – consisting of a fire extinguisher, reflective bands around the truck, a tire wedge, a red flag and emergency stop buttons – you can maximize the safety of your equipment and your personnel in this highly demanding operating environment.

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Service completes the package

We analyze the potential problems that can arise in your container handling processes, and then design a long-term service program that you can depend on. The goal is to keep your lift trucks operating at peak performance all the time. Konecranes has the skill and global reach to ensure that spare parts, technical support, training and maintenance are available to you at all times. Contact us to obtain the right container handling solution for your needs!