The Konecranes mobile inspection tool CheckApp guides drivers and service engineers through a checklist for commissioning, service or daily service inspections. 


The digital format allows text, photos, voice or video recording for a full description of any issues that need attention. With results available instantly on yourKONECRANES, condition data goes directly to the right person for immediate action.






CheckApp gives you a selection of templates from which you can create your own customized checklist. 

You determine which action points are the most important and relevant for your business within your daily inspections.

For example, you can:

  • change attachments for new handling requirements;
  • define special checklists for periodic inspections;
  • add your own checkpoints to OEM checklists.
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Security by design

Secure software development practices ensure security risks are considered in each phase of the software development lifecycle. 

This helps developers to build highly secure applications and ensure that security risks and possible vulnerabilities are captured in the development, and not in the production.