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Standard containers offer a convenient way to move equipment to various locations for military exercises, peacekeeping and defense. Containers can be easily loaded onto the backs of trucks for road transport, and unloaded again at their destinations. The right forklifts and reach stackers can move many different types of containers under all kinds of conditions.

Konecranes lift trucks already play an important role in the defense of the European Union and in UN peacekeeping missions. They are easy to transport along with the containers, while their rugged design makes them suitable for the difficult and unpredictable outdoor conditions of military applications. With high flexibility, outstanding productivity and simple maintenance, they perform equally well in the storage yard or in the field.

The best lift trucks for defense applications need a long wheelbase for high stability on rough terrain. It’s usual to customize them for field operations because resources in those locations can be scarce. For example, they can have a special coupling added for pulling other trucks if one gets stuck. Extra-tough suspension and tire pressure monitoring maintain smooth driving to avoid upsetting loads on uneven ground. Choose from a huge range of safety features to enhance the protection of your personnel.

Anywhere you can take a container, you can take a Konecranes lift truck with you to unload it. We offer a broad selection of heavy-duty forklifts and reach stackers ideal for moving equipment at urban storage facilities or in challenging field operations.

From peacekeeping operations to military defense_image

From peacekeeping operations to military defense

BwFurhparkService purchased 39 Konecranes SMV 2216 TC 3 reach stackers. 

"To help smoothly integrate the trucks into operations around the country and abroad, they were delivered in twos on a weekly basis, with driver and service training provided on-site". 

The modifications Konecranes made to these powerful, compact reach stackers are based on a careful study of the Bundeswehr’s requirements so that the lift trucks would suit all their particular needs, especially the durability and operational safety essential for harsh and demanding environments.

Service completes the package_image

Service completes the package

We analyze the potential problems that can arise in your material handling processes, and then design a long-term service program that you can depend on. The goal is to keep your lift trucks operating at peak performance all the time. Konecranes has the skill and global reach to ensure that spare parts, technical support, training and maintenance are available to you at all times. Contact us to obtain the right container handling solution for your needs!