Weight verification

An overloaded lift truck is extremely dangerous as it can cause damage to equipment or injury to personnel. All Konecranes lift trucks use load-sensing hydraulics to weigh their loads. 

Operators can see the weight, an alert warns them of overloads, and TRUCONNECT sends the alert to yourKONECRANES for later review.



Reach stackers can also be fitted with the SOLAS-compliant Konecranes Static Weighing System, which measures the verified gross mass (VGM) of a lifted container with 1 percent full-scale accuracy in less than 5 seconds. This system also eliminates the need for a separate scale, speeding up operations.


Through TRUCONNECT, our fully-embedded weighing solutions enable seamless, secure interchange of data with your TOS/TMS or ERP system. All your weight data, including VGM reports and notifications, is available at yourKONECRANES.



Security by design_certificate

Security by design

Secure software development practices ensure security risks are considered in each phase of the software development lifecycle. 

This helps developers to build highly secure applications and ensure that security risks and possible vulnerabilities are captured in the development, and not in the production.