German steel company adds a magnetized Konecranes reach stacker to their mill

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Sigma Weiterverarbeitungs GmbH & Co KG (Sigma), a steel manufacturing company based in southwestern Germany, have accepted delivery of a new Konecranes reach stacker for their flame cutting plant in Dillingen, Saarland, near the French border. The order was booked in March 2021 and started operation on-site the following November.

Well-established in the German steel industry, Sigma provide sheet metal, slabs, plates, coils and wire rod to customers who process the steel further for use in a wide variety of products. With its headquarters in Dillingen, they also have operations in Düsseldorf and a sales office in Metz, in northeastern France. The flame cutting plant in Dillingen needed new equipment that could move sheet metal both inside their facility and outside, in their storage yard. Konecranes have provided a reach stacker with magnets fitted for this purpose.

“The low height of a reach stacker means we can easily use it indoors around other mill equipment, while its speed and manoeuvrability make it easy to move our products around our site,” says Florent Muller, Managing Director of Sigma. “We’ve operated a Konecranes forklift for some years, and it’s clearly increased our productivity, while Konecranes have provided excellent technical support. Now, two Konecranes lift trucks give us even better flexibility and efficiency as we serve our customers.”

“Konecranes have a solid long-term relationship with Sigma,” says Hans-Jürgen Haupt, West Germany Area Sales Manager for Konecranes Lift Trucks. “Their trust has given us an excellent opportunity to provide high-quality products tailored for their specific requirements in a competitive industry. Local agent Jungbluth have worked closely with Sigma and us throughout the whole process. We look forward to continuing our cooperation with both companies long into the future.”

The new reach stacker in Dillingen is a Konecranes SMV 4636 TC5, a sturdy 46-ton machine that can lift loads up to a height of 12.5 meters. It features a traverse with four magnets that make direct contact with the sheet metal, all controlled by hydraulics. The truck features an OPTIMA cabin for comfort and visibility, a strong box-type chassis and a wide drive axle with a long wheelbase for high stability and safe handling. A Stage IV low-emission engine, reduced fuel consumption and low noise levels minimize environmental impact.


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